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Frank French
Louis Gottschalk

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Press and Critic Quotes

"Foot-tapping, vivid, virtuosic American music Colorful melodies set to syncopated rhythm."

– Los Angeles Times

"French employed a winning combination of bubbly optimism, braggadocio, sharp timing and showy keyboard technique."

– Monterey Bay Register

"A superbly stimulating and enjoyable concert played with impressive power, clarity and sensitivity."

–Sacramento Bee

"French (has) found a way to mix his pianistic skills – particularly a flair for American music – with some self-taught acting ability. The result has turned into a successful touring one-man show devoted to the eventful life and high-spirited music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk."

Denver Rocky Mountain News

"Frank French always gives us masterfully clean and powerful performances. He plays with intensity, drive and complete command of his material."

– The Mississippi Rag

"Frank French offered great enthusiasm and incredible technique, and received much applause for his efforts." – Friedrich Hachenberg, Minden Jazz Club, Minden, Germany

"My jaw dropped as I watched Frank French work his way through the first third of Bach's ‘Well-Tempered Clavier.' He does the entire score from memory."

-Boulder, Colorado Daily Camera

"(French) takes us on a musical journey through this boldly colorful musical montage, interweaving rhythms from Brazil, Cuba, New Orleans and Missouri with influences from Africa and Europe."

- The Rag Times

"Frank French is warm and open onstage – and that, combined with his eclectic choices of music and considerable performance talents, have made him a great favorite of our audiences here."

-Rossmoor Community, Laguna Hills, Calif.



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